22-May-2018Slatedale, PA(13 miles)Pet fish for sale
2 fishtanks not sure of the size think 30gal might be 40 but know they are no bigger then 50... Willing to seperate 35 for 1 60 for both


I haveba fish tank. It comes with light, lid, tank, air pump, gravel, and heater. They all work. Im looking for 30 for all.
My name is Fish and I am roughly two years old. My story starts out with me wondering up to a strangers door. I was badly injured and they called a local rescue 1st thing. I had been run over by something . I had road rash on 1 leg and my other front foot was flattened. The best option for me was to have it amputated on 11/2/17. I still have a knot on 1 of my ribs from the accident , but other ...
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